Picture frame fittings, hanging systems

For gallery hanging and picture framing

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We are distributors/stockists for the following:
LIBERON - Waxes and creams
CASSESE - Cartridge and Universal Underpinner Wedges, Air Staplers and Flexipoints
FLETCHER - Staplers and Points

Framing Accessories

Please find below details of products which will be used regularly in your framing workshop.

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Picture Hooks Standard Wall Hooks + Pins - including an adjustable version
Extra Strong Picture Hooks Extra Strong Picture Hooks
Hard Wall Hook 'Toly' Hard Wall Hooks
Traditional Picture Rail Hooks Traditional Picture Rail Hooks - some heavy duty cast brass. See also Brass Rail


Variety of fixings for attaching to backs of frames Variety of fixings for attaching to backs of frames
Hangers for mirrors and heavy pictures Hangers particularly suitable for mirrors and heavy pictures
Glass Plates Traditional method of fixing pictures to walls for museums, pubs, hotels etc. See also Security Fixings
Adhesive Hangers Adhesive Hangers for calendars, plates and heavy pictures


Picture Cord Polyester Low-stretch picture cord in 7 sizes. For pictures up to 70 kilos. Also traditional cotton cord
Brass Picture Wire in 6 sizes for pictures up to 40 kilos
Ferrules Brass Ferrules to suit popular sizes of wire
Super Softstrand Wire Stainless Steel Wire. Plain or plastic-coated in 5 sizes for each type - for pictures up to 27 kilos


Conservation TapeFilmoplast P90 We stock a range of tapes from the American company Lineco. We also have Filmoplast P90 tape and PH7-70 Hinging Tape


Masking Tape Full range of Masking Tape (Scotch), Silicon coated Kraft Tape (Sekisui), Self-adhesive brown tape (including Eco and Tesa) and traditional Gummed Tape and Dispenser


Various Blades Mountcutter and Scalpel Blades including Stanley, Keencut, Swann-Morton and Personna